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King of the World

Since the kick-off early 2012 of “K(ing) (O)f  (T)he W(orld)” ( Erwin Java (gtr), Fokke de Jong (drs/bvox), Govert van der Kolm (Hammond/bvox) and Ruud Weber (leadvox/bgtr), things have developed prosperously for this Dutch blues-, rhythm & roots band.

Through the release of the 2 albums “Can't Go Home “(2013) and “KOTW” (2014) the band definitely confirmed its status in the Dutch blues scene. Both albums scored sheer positive reviews as well in the Dutch as in the foreign music press.

But also the live reputation that has been built up through shows at festivals like the Rhythm & Blues Night Groningen, Bluesrock Tegelen and the Highlandsfestival, has contributed to the forementioned status. And the band is not only playing at festivals but is also a regular guest at Dutch rock venues like Paradiso Amsterdam, De Boerderij Zoetermeer, Hedon Zwolle and many others. A living proof that the band has succeeded in expressing the blues in its various forms. Furthermore, other than the press, also radio and TV is spotting the band: in march 2013 the group is live presenting “Can't Go Home” in the radio show “TROS Music Café”. In that same period the band is making a live-appearance in the TV-show “Vrije Geluiden “ (transl. Free Sounds). The latter being the first time ever for a Dutch blues-orientated band.

The group has won 5 Dutch Blues Awards in 2014 (best drummer, best keyboardplayer, best bass player, best guitarist and best bluesband). Two unique live-appearances early 2014 on the prestigious late night TV-show “Pauw & Witteman” is confirming the bands growing nationwide recognition. On June 2nd 2014 the band is spotlighted for 45 minutes in a RTL7 TV-special called “Derksen on the Road”. 2014 is marked by no less than 60 KOTW-shows from which the one on the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam (July 13th) is considered to be one of the highlights. Also the band played their first shows in Germany, which is leading to, more shows over there. So we can expect something there in the near future. In November 2014 the soundbook “Pioniers van de Nederpop” (transl. Pioneers of Dutch Rock) is released as a result of forementioned “Derksen on the Road”. The DVD contains a.o. the TV-special concerning King Of The World where the CD contains a.o. 4 KOTW-songs. X-mass 2014 KOTW is playing 8 songs live in a regional TV-show called “ Jongens van het Noorden” (transl. Boys from the North). It 's another intimate portrait of the band. In this last month of that year KOTW is recording several live shows. The show at Dutch Rockvenue nr. 1 “Paradiso“ (Amsterdam) has got that special atmosphere. In May 2015 the album “Live at Paradiso” is released and has received nothing but raving reviews. And...the planning for a third studio-album is on the roll. So...keep checking the media and the tourdates.

Press quotes King of the World 


“Weber, Java, Van der Kolm en De Jong sound more inspired then ever. Not only a smooth operating blues band but intense, hard rocking and soulful” (Jazzism, sept 2015) 

“A top CD, on which the sound of the band is caught perfectly” (Real Roots Cafe, juli 2015)

“King Of The World is the Dutch blues elite” (File Under, juli 2015)

“Both the interaction between the musicians and the close harmony singing sound great at this fantastic produced live-album…..heart breaking….intense.” (Gitarist 2015)

 “The quality of the band shows even more on this in Amsterdam recorded live-album.  Everything connects and the band is just excellent.” (Lust For Life, May 2015) 

“Excellent!” (Musiczine, june 2015)

“ Three successful CD’s in the first three years of existence proves the quality of superband King of the World” (Written In Music, 3 june 2015)

 “ A jewel, this CD” (Blues-rockreview.nl, june 2015)

 “With this album King of the World proves to be the absolute top of the “Dutch Blues”. (Track, june 2105)

 “It’s a cracker, the energy jumps out of your speakers. And even though the studio-albums were great, it’s clear that we’re dealing wit a phenomenal live-band.” (Mania, nr. 317)

 “Beautiful live album of King of the World with al their well known and very much loved songs.” (Arrow’s Bluesbox, April 2015)

 "Everything is perfect tuned into each other and the band hot.” (Blues Magazine, May 2015)

“They must have had a “hell of a time” recording their concert tour and that you’ll feel when you listen to this album…excellent.” (Keys & Chords, 29 April 2015) 


“KOTW is at it’s best, even better! The sound is dynamic, the interaction is great and it’s nothing more then admirable musicianship “. 
(Lust For Life, April 2014) 

“ The musical energy is all around and the band is very tight. Above all Erwin Java’s Guitar fills are even better this time. Just like “Can’t go home” a must for every blues lover.” 
(Gitarist, April 2014) 

It’s definitely worth crossing our Northern border to go and see King of the World.”
(Rootstime, Belgium April 2014) 

“With their second album “KOTW” they are rightfully crowned King of the Dutch blues.”
(HDC Media, newsmagazines NH Dagblad, Leidsch Dagblad etc., March 2014)

“Their first CD “Can’t go home” was top but this one is better. Excellent beautiful blues album.” 
(Jazzism, March 2014)

“The band members of King of the World are top musicians that know their trade. Which shows on this album that is musically and vocally a true joy to listen too. A treasure that will spent some serious time in our CD player.” 
(Maxazime, 31st March 2014)  

“There can be no doubt that King of the World is the blues band of Holland.” 
(Written In Music, 25th March 2014)

“Buy this album and chance is that you just bought the best Dutch blues CD of 2014.”
(Real Roots Cafe, 22nd March 2014)

 “King of the World sounds like a band that existed for over 100 years….. Brilliant second CD.” (Arrow Classic Rock’s Bluesbox, 18th March 2014) 

"The new album shows a progression of their sound, roots-oriented, skillfully played, and perfect control over their instruments. They manage to make blues popular with pop audiences and that is a big achievement. But then again it is a very good band.”  
(Mania, nr. 306) 

“King of the World once again proves to be a “super”-band. ………Beautiful songs with excellent playing by each band member.” (Bluesbreeker, 20th March 2014)


 “. …Holland is an amazing blues band richer …….….the songs are strong, the vocals are excellent and the guitar-, piano-, and organ solo’s are a delight for your ears …..” (Lust For Life, May 2013)

"Great sound, great songs, great playing"  
(Snowy White – Guitarist with Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Peter Green)

“Listening to the debut of King of the World is an easy review, a class of it’s own.” (Back To The Roots, May 2013)

"On this album should be a warning sticker: “Goosebumps guaranteed”. 'Can't Go Home' is a top album, from a super band." (Musicfrom, 3rd May 2013)

“The debut that not only shows us four amazing individual musicians, they also formed a very thigh collective.”(Music Maker, April 2013) 

 “….a very inspired debut of King of the World……..…highly recommended!” (Gitarist, April 2013)

 “King of the World is a real enrichment for the Dutch Blues scene” (Heaven, July/Aug 2103)

“Blues and roots from the Dutch grounds and absolute world class!”  (8Weekly, 4th July 2013)

 “Miracles still exist! Beautiful things are happening in Blues land. One of those beautiful things is a group called King of the World …………..the title track of the album will give you goose bumps on your soul....” (Arrow Classic Rock’s Bluesbox, 20th March 2013)

“A fine debut album that shines in its wide variety of sounds. Soul, jazz, blues and New Orleans influences with guitarist Erwin Java and Keyboard player Govert van der Kolm in a leading roll thanks to a very tight rhythm section off course.” (Maxazine, 28th March 2013)

“Conclusion is that "Can't Go Home" is a beautiful varied album with Ruud, Erwin, Fokke and Govert as top musicians, something most people already knew.”  (Rootstime, March 2013)

“It’s now March and clear to me that this is one of the best Dutch productions of the year already.” (Real Roots Cafe, 30th March 2013)

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