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    King of the World (Netherlands) is back with a new guitarist (Stef Delbaere from Belgium which makes them a true European band) and their latest CD “Connected”. A CD full of original material, written with guitarist Stef Delbaere, brings an energetic version of the familiar KOTW sound and leaves no doubt about why KOTW has been on top of the European roots scene for so long.
    They built their reputation through the release of three studio – and one live album (Can’t go home 2013, KOTW 2014, Live at Paradiso 2015, Cincinnati 2016 and Connected 2019). All five albums scored sheer positive reviews in the European music press. But also a great live reputation has been built through shows at Festivals all over Europe like the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. Live TV appearances at late night shows like Pauw & Wittemann, with millions of viewers, contributed to the fore mentioned status. The group has won multiple Dutch Blues Awards over the last years, best drummer, best keyboard player, best bass player (three times), best guitarist and best blues band.
    With their modern approach to blues-, rhythm & roots they have developed a style that is often referred to as the “King of the World sound”. Harmony vocals combined with great soloists (Hammond and Guitar). With influences that range from Blues, Rock, Soul to New Orleans. All four members have a history of playing alongside or backing up artist such as, Snowy White (UK), Monster Mike Welch (USA), Matt Schofield (UK), Sue Foley (USA), Deborah, Coleman (USA), David Gogo (CAN), Carl Verheyen (CAN) and many more.
    Over the last years the band has been on the road in the Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.


    Ruud Weber – vocals/bass
    Stef Delbaere – guitar
    Marlon Pichel– drums/vocals
    Govert van der Kolm – keys/vocals


    RW Productions
    Kuipersdijk 374
    7541WK Enschede
    Tel: +31-641860102
    Mail: info@kingoftheworld.eu


    Press quotes (2019)

    (Lust for life – NL)
    “Life after You……an absolute highlight in the Dutch blues history that will not be surpassed soon”

    (Bluesmagazine – NL)
    “…with this impressive album, KOTW proves to belong to the top of the Dutch blues world ”

    (Heaven – NL)
    “ …their wide approach of bluesrock is still solid as a rock and Weber once again proves to be an amazing singer….”

    (Rootstime – BE)
    “…this is nothing but a super album.”

    (Altcountryforum – NL)
    “…. The new album once again proves the rocksolid status of King of the World in the European blues and rockcircuit.”

    (Platomania – NL)
    “Life After You: a more than nine minutes long track en and absolute highlight of the album “Connected”

    (Johan Derksen – RTV Rijnmond – NL)
    “The best King of the World album up to now”

    (Rootsville – BE)
    “KOTW” is back with their new album “Connected”

    (Concert Money – BE)
    “…Highlight on “Connected” is the nine minutes long nostalgic ‘Life After You’. This long, slow song continues to fascinate every second and the new young Belgian guitarist shines for minutes with varied and enormously sensitive string work ”

    (Music Maker – NL)
    “…King of the World stil sounds we way we’ve known them for years and thats a good thing!

    Voodoo // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    1. Voodoo // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    2. Same old trouble // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    3. Murder in the first degree // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    4. Hurt so bad // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    5. World on fire // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    6. Feel that flame // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    7. The waiting game // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    8. Heart and soul // King of the World - 02 CINCINNATI
    9. Howling dog // King of the World - Cincinnati
    10. Better luck next time // King of the World - Cincinnati
    11. Life in the fast lane // King of the World - Cincinnati
    12. She’s alright // King of the World - Cincinnati
    13. No way out // King of the World - Cincinnati