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22 March 2022

Line up 14th april Boerderij!

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King of the World celebrates its 10th anniversary on Thursday 14 April with a one-off show in the Boerderij Zoetermeer. Matt Schofield, Shirma Rouse and Big Pete are special guests. Master guitarist Matt Schofield has toured regularly with the gentlemen of King of the World and was therefore very willing to travel to Europe to be present at this show. The second guest is none other than Shirma Rouse, one of Holland’s best Soul singers who, together with King of the World, will show that soul and blues are very much intertwined genres. The third guest is Big Pete, this powerhouse singer/harmonica player is known for his work with the Red Devils, the Strikes and the Backbones. With the new Jubilee CD “Royal Ten” in the pocket, King of the World will play a unique show with new and old material and special guests that you do not want to miss!  This is going to be a wonderful evening with unexpected combinations. Because it is going to be such a special night, King of the World decided to capture this show on film!


Matt Schofield (UK/USA)

British-born and now US-based Matt Schofield is a multi-award-winning guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Schofield is widely regarded as one of the most innovative British blues artists of his generation. He is listed in the top ten best British Blues guitarists of all time by Guitar & Bass Magazine, alongside legends Eric Clapton and Peter Green. Three consecutive wins for guitarist of the year 2010, 2011, 2012 earned him an induction into the British Blues Hall of Fame.
With guts and courage, Schofield has taken his band to over 25 countries around the world. He traded guitar licks with notable guitar luminaries, including Buddy Guy and Robben Ford. The Los Angeles Daily News said, “In Schofield, the United Kingdom has produced the best Blues guitarist of any country in decades.
Along with the gentlemen of King of the World, he has played regularly on the European continent and was more than willing to fly to the Netherlands earlier for this show.

Shirma Rouse (NL)

It is impossible to imagine the Dutch music scene without Shirma Rouse. Her enormous range, soulful and rich voice makes her one of the most sought-after singers in the Netherlands. She starts her musical career as a backing vocalist for artists like Chaka Khan, Michael Bolton, Alain Clark, Candy Dulfer, Henny Vrienten and Anouk. When Anouk represents the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, Shirma Rouse is proclaimed best backing vocalist of the song contest by The Eurovision Times. She has since released 4 albums of which the third album, Shout It Out Loud, was awarded the Edison Jazzism Audience Award in 2015. On her 4th studio album “Soul Serenade” she brings a heartwarming ode to love with newly written songs, a duet with the American soul sensation Ryan Shaw and adaptations of classics like Imagine and Let it Be. King of the World guitarist Stef Delbaere was part of Shirma’s band for a while and invited her to show the band that blues and soul are very much intertwined genres!

Big Pete (NL)

The Dutch blues singer and harmonica player Big Pete is known from The Red Devils, The Strikes, The Backbones, M.O.C.T. (Men Of Considerable Taste) among others, with whom he has performed on countless stages worldwide in recent years. Big Pete’s first solo album ‘Choice Cuts’ from 2011 received rave reviews and was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the US. At a young age, Pieter van der Pluijm (Big Pete) became inspired by Lester Butler who released the record “King King” with his band the Red Devils. This demonic harmonica style is the basis for his musical career that takes him all over the world. In the past, Big Pete played regularly with Matt Schofield and King of the World keyboardist Govert van der Kolm and is, therefore, a welcome guest on this special evening!

Voodoo // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  1. Voodoo // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  2. Same old trouble // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  3. Murder in the first degree // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  4. Hurt so bad // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  5. World on fire // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  6. Feel that flame // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  7. The waiting game // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  8. Heart and soul // King of the World - 03 CINCINNATI
  9. Howling dog // King of the World - Cincinnati
  10. Better luck next time // King of the World - Cincinnati
  11. Life in the fast lane // King of the World - Cincinnati
  12. She’s alright // King of the World - Cincinnati
  13. No way out // King of the World - Cincinnati